Troubleshooting [Transport Fever 2 Wiki]

Common Problems

Black Screen

Game Won’t Start

The Game May Not Run On Linux

No Mouse Cursor

Slow Game


See the following information on how to back up, reset, or restore user or task files related to Transport Fever 2.

Restoring From A Backup


GOG, Epic Games and the App Store

GOG Galaxy

Check The Integrity Of The Spotlight File



Epic Games

Reset Game Settings

Clear Texture Cache

If you encounter black or broken textures, the public can try deleting the consistency cache folder (location).

Clear Shader Cache

If you’re having issues with broken shaders (rendering or startup errors), try clearing the shader cache directory (location).

Get Help

Where Can I Get Help?


sometimes there are problems with the launch of the game, there areYour own or hacked game settings.
In fact, depending on the good cause of the problem, one can reset with game files, texture cache or just with settings can solve this problem.

In other cases, if further guidance is needed, a person can contact various users or Urban Games to purchase a solution. If the problem is related to can-mod, read the Please visit the web pages about Using Mods.

You changed something in the game settings and the TV went black.

Press Alt+Enter to switch to windowed mode. Next, you need to enter the game settings and select the correct resolution for the human monitor.

The game does not crash when loading the game without using mods.

Please compare your hardware with the lowest system requirements. Game preview. If your system does not meet these requirements, the new game may not start.

Are you planning to connect several? Maybe the game will startpuppy on the wrong screen.

Some players are having issues with missing libraries. If you are also suffering from the game not launching, try moving libstdc++ movies from /Transport Cache Fever 2/extra to < Install Directory> /Transport Fever 2/.

Press Alt+Enter to switch to windowed mode. After that, you will be able to enter game situations and disable the PC hardware mouse pointer.

Your frame rate is too low even when the game is paused.

Your GPU may be the bottleneck. Games like Transport Fever 2 show more physical objects than typical shooters where you only see close ups. Try lowering your graphics settings and playing in Full HD instead of UHD.

When the game speeds up by 2x or 4x, the gameplay doesn’t speed up or the vehicles start jumping.

The processor can be the bottleneck. Transport Fever 2 is not limited by the size of cities and/or possibly the number of cities you can put on your map, however the game will simulate almost every inhabitantand calculates their route from their neighborhoods to their places of work and shops. Let them sooner or later exceed the performance of your processor. Laptops usually ship with processors rated for low power rather than higher speeds. In general, it can be said that many cities are located close to each other to ensure that you need more processor power than fewer cities with fewer connections.

My CPU and GPU above are sort of the minimum specs, but I still get very low framerates.

The reasons for low performance can be different. Frequent dictionaries are other processes that usually run in the background and are a bottleneck in the hardware. A typical bottleneck can be RAM bandwidth if you have slow RAM modules, an older motherboard in a slower PCIe slot, or a single graphics card with low VRAM. In this case, adjust the texture quality level and disable mods with high-resolution textures without lodscan greatly increase your fps.

Steam offers a Parallel Restore feature through the main program that can be used to back up any static data.

Additionally, game static files can be downloaded at any time by logging into the Steam client.

Please note that the draw settings and user data folders are not necessarily included in the Steam Backup and Restore feature. Make a backup copy of these files, create an identical directory to the corresponding folder (location).

To keep the game files, just make this copy of the game’s build folder.

Please note that the user data folder with configuration and saved games is not used in the installation folder. Make a backup copy of these files, make a copy of the corresponding main folder (location).

To restore the version with GOG Galaxy, select & “Analyze Import Folder” in the main window and select the folder with the games.

In addition, the game files can be purchased or reinstalled fromwith GOG Galaxy by working with an installer downloaded from the GOG library.

  • Restart your computer and start Steam

  • In the Library section, right-click the game and select Properties from the menu.

  • Select the “Local Files” tab and click the “Verify Integrity of Game Files…” button.

  • Steam is currently reviewing game presentations – this process may take a few minutes.

  • You can find additional information and videos with highlights at:

    Download the installer from your GOG library and do it. It automatically detects the specific existing installation and reinstalls all files from the internet, keeping your online flash games and settings intact.

    Refer to the GOG FAQ and Known Issues Solutions if you are having problems with the installer information.

    If you are using GOG, right click on the galaxy.

  • In Transport Fever 2, you can select “More” in the library next to most of the “Play” buttons. notify”,

  • Then click Manage Install – Scan/Repair.

  • Open the Epic Games Launcher

  • access to the press library program

  • three dots near the entrance to Transport Fever 2

  • Select Confirm

  • Custom settings such as screen resolution or hotkeys are stored in settings.lua(location) To completely reset game conditions, delete the file when an online game is not running.

    Please note that reinstalling or uninstalling the game will absolutely not reset the settings.

    If you have difficulty solving a problem on your own, you can ask someone else for help. As a general rule, it is helpful to provide as much detail as possible. This item could be:

  • Screenshots showing most of the problem

  • All error messages displayed by the game

  • Your computer specifications (CPU model, graphics card manufacturer, and amount of RAM)

  • Actions you would have taken before the problem occurred (provideKeep the last backup before the problem occurred, in case it is available)

  • Steps you took to solve the problem