Multiple RuntimeBroker.exe in Task Manager

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Do you know what Runtime Byte Broker (RuntimeBroker.exe) is and why it usually works on Windows 10?

Sometimes you might just see RuntimeBroker.exe running in Task Manager. What it is? is this a real virus? It’s safe? Good media reports that Runtime Broker (RuntimeBroker.exe) is a real Windows 10 core process specially developed by Microsoft.

Unfortunately, if you’ve just signed into Windows 10 and haven’t opened the app yet, you probably won’t see the Runtime Broker process running. So what does RuntimeBroker.exe do?

Runtime Broker, up until Windows 10, is a trusted process that manages permissions for Windows Store software applications. He checksWhether the application shows all permissions (for example, access to photos), and tells the user whether it is authorized or not. It also checks the mobile app’s permissions for access or not access to hardware such as a webcam. In short, you can expect it to act as an intermediary between your system and the privacy/security of your personal Windows 10 PC.

Typically, the broker uses a few megabytes (MB) of memory and not too much CPU. However, due to a faulty application, RuntimeBroker.Exe can consume gigabytes of memory and, in some cases, a lot of CPU resources. So, if you notice that your CPU and RAM are heavily loaded and your computer is slow, you may have a serious problem with the application on your current computer.

Fix Windows 10 RuntimeBroker.exe (Runtime Broker)

How do I fix Microsoft runtime?

Perform a clean boot. Press the Windows key + R and type msconfig.
Uninstall the video card driver.
Reinstall Windows 10.
Reinstall distributionour Microsoft Visual C++ components.
Create a new user account.
Disable Compatibility Mode.
Usually reinstall the problematic application.

If you feel that your computer is running slowly, you can press: + ctrl Shift + Esc to view most of the Task Manager launch. Check the amount of CPU and memory that is definitely usingRuntimeBroker.exe.

The easiest way to permanently fix this issue is to stop the RuntimeBroker.exe process from running on your Windows PC. In the Task Manager window, click Disable Processes, select Runtime Broker from the many, right-click and select End Task to force close Runtime Broker. Then restart your Windows 10 PC.

However, the problem usually returns after some time, maybe at the next wedding, or even after a reboot. The real problem remains and RuntimeBroker.exe tends to come back to slow down your PC performance again.

In this guide, I will show you two ways to solve this problem and prevent Runtime Broker from using too many credentials from your PC.

Disable Show Me About Tips Window In Windows 10

According to many users of the PCGuide.Online online forum, you can solve this problem and easily prevent RuntimeBroker.exe from using too much of your PC’s resources by limiting the “Show tooltips in Windows” option only in the settings.

  • First open settings, linkWindows 10 data by pressing Windows + R
  • Second, find “System” and select “Notifications & Actions” on the left sidebar.
  • Finally, uncheck “Show Windows Highlights”.
  • Here it is! The game will help you fix high CPU and memory usage in Windows 10.

    Disable updates from multiple locations in Windows 10

    Many users report that after disabling “Updates from various sources” in the settings, the Runtime Broker method no longer consumes too much CPU and RAM on your computer.


  • To disable this feature, press Windows media Attention + I to open settings.
  • In the next step, select the Update & Security option.
  • Click the “More Options” link.
  • Then click on the link “Select how updates are delivered”.
  • Finally, turn off the “Updates from different locations” feature.
  • By enabling this Windows Update feature, you can greatly reduce CPU and RAM usage. If the previous two methods cannot help you solve the highBecause of Runtime Broker’s CPU and RAM usage, I would like you to permanently disable the RuntimeBroker.exe process once it runs on your Windows 10 electronics. Trust me! Runtime Broker is optional.

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    To disable Runtime Broker, Windows press R and type: regedit then press Enter


    Double-click the “Start” field and change its “Value Data” from “3” to “4”.

    If you would like to improve this feature in the future, please do as above, but replace the code “4” with “3” or “2”.

    2 – automatic

    How do I fix RuntimeBroker exe?

    The most obvious and quickest way to temporarily get rid of this problem is to block my RuntimeBroker.exe process from running on my personal Windows PC. In the Task Manager startup window, go to the Processes tab, find Runtime Broker in the list, right-click and select End Task to close Runtime Broker.

    3 = Manual

    4 = Disable

    Note. There are a few other reasons why this issue occurs on your current Windows 10 PC, such as health issues with default apps like Photos, Groove Music, Messages, or Voice Recording Games except two variables. mentioned above. Then also close it to check if the problem is fixed. Judging by the final result,c there are necessary steps to fix Runtime Broker (RuntimeBroker.exe) error.

    If you have any important questions, feel free to leave your final comment below.

    Sometimes when you open the Task Manager on your PC, you may see several Runtime Broker Tactics running. This may seem strange, because each task is usually displayed quickly. You may even wonder if other Runtime Broker processes are caused, as well as a virus or another type that is most often associated with a system crash. Below are the reasons for this form and what to do if something is absolutely wrong.

    Is it safe to disable runtime broker?

    No, you cannot disable Runtime Broker. And you shouldn’t, because they really can. This is to protect the security and privacy of your airport when using Universal Plans. It’s also very lightweight if it’s still working fine, so there’s no reason to turn it off anymore.

    Instead of following almost every step-by-step guide, you can run the Outbyte PC Repair Tool. It diagnoses your PC system and cleans up all junk files in a few easy steps. You will most likely use PC Recovery with your current version of Windows 10, as you would with older versions from Windows 8 onwards.

    Which Runtime Broker?

    How do I fix runtime errors in Windows 10?

    Temporarily disable Microsoft services.
    Run the faulty application in OK mode.
    Provide enough memory and memory.
    Scan for malware.
    Restore the Visual C++ Runtime.
    Reinstall the C++ graphical runtime.
    Perform a clean boot.
    Cancel/reinstall the display driver.

    Runtime Broker is the underlying software included with the Microsoft Windows Equestrian System. X There are rumors that Windows 8 Plus continues to work with the new version. Broker

    The runtime is a relatively small program that doesn’t take up much disk space and usually doesn’t require high CPU usage. See also:

    Read that Runtime Broker has high CPU usage: how to fix it

    Your main job is probably checking permissions for tasks that are part of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), formerly known as Windows Store apps. Whether it’s a PC, some kind of smartphone or tablet, Runtime Broker checks the permissions of applications, for example, to display tooltips and notifications. Thus, when the UWP program is running, you can see the execution process broker service in the task manager.

    Is It Possible To Show Multiple Running Broker Processes In Task Manager?

    This is the most popular question among PC users. There is usually a lot of discussion on the Internet about multiple Runtime Broker processes.

    Of course, this may seem controversial. However, in most cases there is nothing to worry about. The logic isThe answer is simple: in contrast, every UPW application you run requires the Runtime Broker to be running at the same time. The active process for everyone is an application, that’s what a database is.