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Using And Configuring Mondo And Mindi Under Linux (version 3.2.2-r3752)

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Conor Daley

This document describes the specific use of the System Mondo and Mindi tools to perform emergency backups of your systems. It contains information about installation, recovery and backup modes, mechanical and software requirements, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.
The goals are likely to be to provide a general overview of the features and their useful uses.
Mondo Rescue is a disaster recovery solution that allows you to
for online backup and/or recovery of Linux, Windows and Linux with ease
other trusted partitions of the file system to/from CD/DVD+R/RW media, tapes,
NFS, … And Mindi Linux offers bootable disaster recovery
Media files that Mondo normally creates when it starts up.

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or any later version released by the Free Software Foundation; enough reason for the absence of invariant sections, cover text, or even cover text. This document is sent in the hope that it will be useful, to the contrary, without warranty of any kind; You are 100% responsible for the use and cannot yell if it doesn’t work, even if it breaks machines. All accompanying software, if not already copyrighted, has been developed under the GPL.

1.1. Goal Within This Guide

This is a behavior guide for those who want to start using it.
mondo/mindi as a way to backup/restore their unique system. it’s work
constantly being built. It started with Hugo Rabson and
Since then, several people have worked. v
Decide “About” Network
Page with the list of guests of the development team.

There are many ways to contribute to the development of Linux.
without writing code. One of the most important is writing
Documentation that allows Everyone share their opinion
Thousands of others in the modern world. This HOWTO is for individual
to help you become familiar with how Mondo/Mindi works.

The views expressed here are those of their respective authors.
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However, no guarantees can be given
since it is currently running on your device, the author cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by the current use of this information.
However, software vendors don’t guarantee you more (read the contracts again).

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file for. It is managed in /var/log/mondoarchive.log; and /var/log/mindi.log (if requested separately) or under /var/log/mondorestore.log

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1.4. Thanks

Thanks to these customers for helping and addingreviews.

  • Bruno Korneck

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    3.1.Mondo Rescue

    Mondo Rescue backs up files in multiple steps to CD, tape, NFS.
    (archives are collected remotely) or ISO (archives are stored locally). Usage
    mondo afio as a backup mechanism; afio is considered respected
    replace resin. In the event of a catastrophic data loss, you
    can recover all or part of your system even if your drives are really hard
    are now empty. Mondo Rescue will do many other useful things.

  • You can use Mondo to clone any type of Linux installation. Right
    Back up pretty important files and exclude /home, /var/log, etc.

  • Your file backup can use a non-RAID file function and restore it as a RAID
    including the exact root partition (if your kernel createsits backup copy).

  • You can save the system in working format and return
    other format.

  • You can restructure your sections like devices, shrink/expand,
    Repartition disks etc before splitting and adding
    Format your patterns. Mondo will restore and therefore change your data
    /etc/lilo.conf and /etc/fstab respectively.

  • You can use Linux/Windows systems including booting
    sectors. Mondo will make everything right during the recovery.
    (However, “Scandisk” starts when you first start Windows, only

  • You will definitely use the Mondo backup CD – check its integrity
    your computer. Client

  • The advantage of mondo is that it protects a person’s will from
    Issues that may occur despite a complete reinstall.
    If owners want to wipe and restore their system every two years,
    A “good practice” question, Mondo is never for you
    want to get back on their feet quickly after someone breaks down
    in the PC and delete it (or if you accidentally deleted it
    yourself), then Mondo is for you. SpeedAbove all, it is allowed
    You can return from almost any known operating facility within a very limited amount of time.
    time, sometimes only twenty minutes. Even if the man backs down
    large amounts of data per day on tape and you don’t want to import it yet
    different backup scheme, consider backing up to kernel
    File system (i.e. everything, including directories that
    huge database and then your award-winning novel) every month can be like that, easy
    in case where. You will always regret it.

    Mondo is not a very good backup program for everyday use. It’s not always designed
    replace tar, afio, kbackup i.e. on the. Mondo is meant to create it
    can be rebuilt from scratch if correct. Tar and afio offer
    fast and convenient ways to save small sets attached to files, sometimes also
    Removable stand.

    3.2. Mindy

    Mindi Linux creates boot/root set on media images
    With it, you can perform basic system maintenance onyour Linux.
    Distribution. The main advantages of Bootmindi disks are the fact that
    that they may contain your kernel, modules, tools, and bundles. she
    may request additional files (or binaries of other file types) to be included
    equipment. Libraries will be included for you.