Offline Boot Disk

Online combined with Tech Troubleshoot status
Disk Management shows whether a disk is online (available) or offline. If the drive is still offline, you must bring it online before you can initialize it or possibly create volumes on it.

Chntpw (aka Offline NT Password & Registry Editor) is a small Windows password removal utility that can be run from a new CD or USB stick. Please download the bootable USB CD image for your specific use: cd140201.

Windows Offline Password And Registry Editor, Boot Floppy/CD

Where is offline boot volume?

Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box.
In the Run dialog box, type diskmgmt. msc with Enter to open the disk management console.
Determine the hard drive where you run System Restore if anyone has an error. It will show up as offline.
Right-click on your hard drive and select “Online” from the menu.

I dropped an image CD or USB flash drive containing images
Items required to reset certain passwords on most systems.

Can I create a boot disk for Windows 10?

You can also automatically upgrade to Windows 10, you can create a boot disk to force install Windows 10 on a specific computer or multiple computers. You can create a bootable Windows 10 USB or possibly a DVD, although USB has advantages such as faster read/write times.

The boot drive will support most popular hard drive controllers,
and it should load automatically for most of them. PS/2 and USB keyboards are supported.

How do I download Chntpw?

Burn Chntpw to USB
Go to the Downloads section and click on the link next to USB Installation Files, which will look like usb140201. zip file. Once downloaded, extract all files from the downloaded zip archive and copy them to the root directory of your USB drive. Replace h with a fact statement.The disk of your flash drive.

More or less tested from NT3.5 to Windows 8.1, especially the server
Versions such as 2003, 2008 and later 2012. Also supported by 64-bit version of Windows Vista.

If the password is reset, it will affect users with encrypted versions of EFS and XP system.
or newer, all encrypted customer files will be UNREADABLE!
and can only be savedIf you remember the old
Password again if you don’t know if you have encrypted files
or not, you probably don’t have them. (with the possible exception of corporate systems)

Does NTPasswd work on Windows 10?

Reset the user’s password using NTPasswd. After booting your computer with NTPasswd, you can proceed to reset your password. By following a series of prompts, you can reset the password for each local Windows 10 account on a real computer.

Please see FAQ
and read the version history before sending me questions. Thanks!

How To Use?

How do I make a disk offline?

Start > type cmd > right click and run as administrator.
Type this command: diskpart plus , press Enter.
Type this command: list disk and press Enter.
Type this command: select drive 0 or 1 (presumably select the drive you want to take offline) and press Enter.

Please read the walkthrough (now
a bit out of date, sorry) FAQ before emailing my questions

If you have a CD or USB, all drivers are included.


  1. Set up all computers to boot from CD or USB.
  2. Download Trucker (usually automatically, but can be selected manually)
  3. Hard Drive Select, for example, which hard drive you see contains the Windows system.
    Optionally, you need a stack of drivers.
  4. Select PATH, where is the system? (now mostly automatic)
  5. Select the file that unfortunately loads the parts of the registry that you’ve encountered
    I want to do something positive.
  6. Resetwith a password or various registry changes.
  7. Write back to disk (you will be prompted to do this in a PANIC!!)

DON’T – most questions can usually be answered with
Standard answer, usually given in [brackets]. Just press Enter/Return
to accept the default answer.

Walkthrough is now included
actually a separate page! but it’s quite old.. i really hope to make a new one..

What Is Probably Wrong?

Spring. Lots of practical stuff. But most problems can be
Like “I can’t find anything”. And then nothing happens.

For Linux mavens, you can do things manually if the exact scripts don’t work.
You have shells with tty1-tty4 (ALT F1 – ALT F4).

History Of The Boot Disk

  • Automation for you: automatic search for suitable windows for all BEAUTIFUL!
  • New hard drives! Major offers you: Full membership in a local group Edit, it works!
  • This means that the function of promoting users in the administration will not be ruined!
  • Custom edit menus were a bit Changed, and now it is easier to get out of them.
    and hopefully much more logical.
  • More new drivers.
  • However, the pilots are inflated!
  • So: the old ISA material is out. Only support PCI(e) SATA/ATA/SCSI.
  • Also less SATA over Ethernet/ATA media on Avian and
    all because some of the pilots’ methods are really good (and illegal
    rather slow operator)
  • Try it if you want to focus more on home systems than servers.
  • If there are still no drivers for your system in my boot image, you can try
    other boot prints (live linux like ubuntu) and run those too
    The executable “chntpw.static” on the command line. See
    FAQ for more information.
  • 2011-05-11

  • New kernel with newer drive and NTFS drivers as usual.
  • I hope the problem with the CCISS driver will arise immediately
    a lot in terms of servers, such as the HP DL3xx series and others. Thanks to
    all of us who reported it, plus a few people who reported it
    explained my mistake (I missed why the path exists
    changed in the driver).
  • Again small changes in the choice of path. See also below.
  • Edit major bug fixes and registry improvements.
    functionality, but this is more of an issue for administrators using the tool in
    his own ways. See many other pages on this site.
  • 2010-06-27

  • As usual, a new kernel with additional disk drivers.
  • Path selection boasts improvements, hopefully you now have something to share.
    what the house finds in its path and is therefore more likely to do the job automatically.
  • If it doesn’t usually find the right path, you may have chosen the one you chose
    split completely.
  • NOTE. In Windows 7, the best small first (number 1) boot partition for
    bootloader, and then my system might not be smart enough to choose
    Number just two instead. So you just need to dial the number manually. Thanks! 🙂
  • The release includes several useful fixes that may work.
    some problematic registers. Or maybe not.
  • For more informationinformation, do not change the normal password directly
    reset, see other pages.
  • 2008-08-02

  • Update on 01/12/2009: The old version of 02/08/2008 also works on Windows 7,
    All devices that I know. New release, hopefully in early 2010.
  • Now NTFS-3g will be used
    as an NTFS file system driver.
  • I hope this fixes some of the messy “bad
    flags” of an NTFS volume.
  • You will usually be asked if you want to somehow force the path and continue anyway if the hard drive is present
    recently dirty stop.
  • There are a few issues with major updates.
    files written before shutdown are dirty if
    You choose to successfully force it.
  • It is safer to start Windows and shut down gracefully when
    i.e. it may be a dirty volume.
  • Choosing a path without hesitation, best with a preset location suggestion
    and choose…
  • New kernel and possibly newer and more important drivers.
  • No changes to password/registry changer (chntpw) since then
    Previous version.
  • Sorry, I don’t have it yetNo time to finish the disc version.
  • New kernel and possibly newer and better drivers.
  • Windows dynamic disks are now supported, but not always
    Combinations of large mirrors, etc. He recognizes the partition on which he is built
  • You should now be able to download additional drivers (drivers?.zip).
    USB is identical to a floppy disk. Or maybe not. I haven’t tested it that much.
  • Fixed a lot of Windows registry management bugs that didn’t take effect.
    The security password was often reset, but this had a big impact on registry changes.
  • The NTFS drive may be located
    hangs after discussing “NTFS version x.xx” or something like that. If there is a disk
    Activity, please wait, this may take some time.
  • The NTFS driver has been patched to fix mount hangs in many cases.
    (after selecting the hard drive). I have many download reports. Simultaneously
    It’s time to raise this issue on the NTFS for Linux mailing list, and Anton
    Altaparmakov made the region very quickly. Thanks Anthony!
  • Experienced people do You should be able to stick to this by emailing me on September 23, 2007.
    Tell me if all the fixes worked or not. Thanks!
  • NOTE. Selecting the exact drive may take a minute or two.
  • The floppy version had a script error that caused it to fail at first.
    Menu. Fixed.
  • CCISS driver (HP/Compaq DLxxx, etc.) detected another device
    way. Hacked on behalf of support, still can not be 100%.
  • Return the floppy disk! yes (requires 7 floppy disks to get all drivers,
    but you can of course compose your own set of drivers because you only need 2)
  • Yes, VISTA is often supported (or more)
  • Selecting a drive will now indicate which drives are removable, i.e. they must be USB
    key for example.
  • Look for a “read-only” NTFS mount, you’ll get instructions on what’s attached
    to do if there are problems with the hard drive so that the changes are not saved.
  • Does Chntpw work on Windows 10?

    chntpw is a local account reset or cleanup software used in Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This is done by manipulating any SAM database where Windows stores the hash.

    How to take the Windows 10 boot disk offline?

    The Windows boot drive cannot be taken offline. Removable media cannot be taken offline. Instead, they can be thrown away or divided. 1. Press :winkey: + R to open the Run dialog box as diskmgmt.msc and click/tap OK to launch Disk Management.