Fixed an issue that caused Thunderbird to lose connection to a profile.

According to users, sometimes problems with Thunderbird can occur due to your antivirus. Antivirus tools can sometimes disrupt your system and block certain applications from working. Therefore, to fix the problem, make sure Thunderbird is not blocked by your antivirus or data plan.

Any mistake when working with Thunderbird can cause a lot of problems for users. “Thunderbird lost connection to profile” is one of those types of errors that cause problems for users. This error occurs when the Thunderbird is missing or unavailable.

Hi frustrating thunderbird,
Thunderbird Outlet stores your usersRussian data and sites in a special profile folder and extracts information from this file each time Thunderbird is started. The default profile location folder is smaller than the %APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Profiles folder.

The Profile Has Been Moved Or Even Renamed

If you know where your account is, try one of the methods above to help Thunderbird find it.

  • Move the profile folder back to its original location.
  • Restore the previous profile name if you have changed it.
  • Create a new solid profile using the profile manager. Give it a meaningful name, click the “Select Folder” button, then select the profile folder that your site has moved or renamed before completing the “Create a new consumer profile” wizard.

Profile Removed

If you have deleted or lost your profile and folder and cannot recover them, use one of these methods to create another new Thunderbird profile:

How do you fix your Thunderbird profile Cannot be loaded it may be missing or inaccessible?

Selected solution
Delete the Thunderbird folder, which can be viewed in Windows File Manager. Restart Thunderbird and let it create a new profile for you. Go to the Help menu and select Troubleshooting Information. Use the View Profile button in the troubleshooting information.

NOTE. Your new issue will not include any settings or user data from your deleted or lost.About profile.

  • Method 1: Use a manager assistant to profile all

Follow the steps in Using multiple profiles to create a new profile.

  • Method a. Completely remove Profile.ini manually.

If you are having trouble accessing the Profile Manager, you can create a new default Thunderbird profile by deleting this profiles.ini file as follows:

  1. Click the Windows start button or simply press the Windows key to open windows. start menu.
  2. Type %appdata% into the search field and hold the Enter key. The hidden folder AppData\Roaming will open.
  3. Double-click the file path associated with the Thunderbird folder.
  4. Delete (or rename, for example, profiles.iniOLD) the profiles.ini file.

NOTE. Instead of deleting each of our profiles.ini files, you can delete Rename) (or the folder containing them). For example, right-click on the Thunderbird folder and also rename it to ThunderbirdOLD.
When you start Thunderbird, a new profile should be created.

Mozilla Thunderbird is undoubtedly one of the most purchased applicationsOpen source code. It will prefer to use both a personal and a business template and offers all the basic features just like any other email client. However, when users encounter an error while working with Thunderbird, it becomes a test for them to continue working. These errors can be caused by possible reasons such as crashes, Thunderbird crash, Windows crash, etc. One such error message that users encounter is always “Thunderbird lost connection to profile” or maybe “profile Thunderbird is missing or unavailable.” However, when Mozilla Thunderbird forgets an existing profile with the correct default name and suddenly starts up with a new account window, it looks like the user has lost all their important data. But it doesn’t always happen that he just loses his profile or doesn’t come back to find it. So, in this article, we have discussed all possible technologies to fix such problems in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Possible Reasons Why A Thunderbird Profile Is Missing Or Unavailable

How do I fix a corrupted Thunderbird profile?

As a precaution, disable automatic email scanning in Thunderbird.
Right click on the folder you want to rebuild and select Properties from the folder that appears.
Go to the “GeneralMy Information “and select” Recover Folder “.
Select OK.

There is usually a reason for the spreadError handling, as in the case of Thunderbird errors. Therefore, without a doubt, all causes of this error are listed below:

  • If a user adds, moves, or deletes a Thunderbird application profile file, that user will encounter this error.
  • When a specific user attempts to use the removable media method, this error may occur.
  • Another important reason for this particular error is that the profile folder is being managed on a network drive.
  • Another possible cause is empty or corrupted information in the prefs.js file due to Thunderbird or Windows crashes.
  • But before the user simultaneously ignores the solution, he must first understand the cause of the error. After that, make only decisions based on facts.
  • Ways To Fix The Thunderbird Connection So They Can Create A Profile Error

    How do you fix your Thunderbird profile Cannot be loaded it may be missing or inaccessible?

    chosen solution
    Restart Thunderbird, let it create a new profile for you. Cancel any account creation. Open the Help menu and select Troubleshooting Information. Use the View Profile buttons in the Troubleshooting Information section. Close Thunderbird. Copy the contents of your old collection to the new one.

    To avoid errors related to a missing or unavailable Thunderbird profile, it is recommended that each user re-create their Thunderbird profile and restore all old data to the new one. To riseupdate manually, follow the steps below:

    You can easily recreate an account from the Thunderbird application using the Profile Manager. Therefore, the user must launch the Profile Manager and open the Select User Profile window to begin using the tools. Then do the following:

    1. First of all, just click on the “Create Profile” button in the Profile Manager to open the Create Profile Wizard
    2. Then click the “Next” button and enter the company of the new profile.

    Advice. Use a descriptive name as the personal username of the profile name. The profile name may not be visible on the web.

    3. If the user wishes, he can choose his own high profile location on the local computer. To run part of it, click the “Select Folder” button

    How do I restore Thunderbird profile?

    Close Thunderbird.
    If your existing description folder and profile save folder have the same name, simply replace the existing profile folder with the saved page, then start Thunderbird.

    Note. If the user wants to select the correct folder to create the profile, it is recommended to select a new file or an empty file. If the user has selected a non-empty file, it deletes the profile. Select the “Delete Files” option and everything in that folder ke will be deleted.

    4. Now, to create a new UPVC profile, to fix the error: Thunderbird profile is missing or not available, be sure to click the “Finish” button

    After each separate process, the Profile Manager window reopens normally. Here the user can either start Firefox or close the corresponding profile manager window.

    All Thunderbird profile folders are stored in MBOX files. It’s basically text containing files, no file extension, just a folder name. For example, the Inbox folder would be Inbox, the Sent Items folder would be Sent Items. Apart from all this, there are some other files that have the .msf extension, just like almost any file extension. User a can simply ignore them because they don’t log any messages. Now the question is how to import emails from previous Thunderbird profiles?

    Because there are various paid tools available online to import emails (MBOX file) into a Thunderbird profile. But they all have limitations because they are time consuming and difficult to manage.execution. Therefore, it is recommended for a certain user to upgrade to a professional solution called the Thunderbird Import Wizard.

    One Step To Fix: Thunderbird Profile Is Missing Or Unavailable

    To move multiple MBOX files to the same Thunderbird account at the same time, the customer can simply use this tool. The tool is so well programmed that it will import all emails and attachments into Mozilla Thunderbird. It sometimes preserves the folder structure on disk and can run on any version of MS Windows. Also, with this tool, users can import selected emails from MBOX seamlessly.

    Suggestion: With the SysTools Thunderbird backup and restore tool, you can easily back up your profile data to prevent Thunderbird from losing connection due to a profile error. This software will also help you recover your Thunderbird profile data easily.

    Last Error Message

    Any job in Thunderbird can also cause a lot of problems for our usersoil. “Thunderbird has lost contact with its profile” is one such related error that causes problems for viewers. This error occurs when the Thunderbird page is missing or unavailable. Hence, in order to fix this error, we have discussed a simple method to recreate a Thunderbird profile. However, you can use the Thunderbird Import Wizard tool suggested above to recover old email addresses.

    How do I fix my Thunderbird profile?

    As a precaution, enable automatic mail checking in Thunderbird.
    Right-click on the folder you want to restore and select “Properties” from the menu that appears.
    Click the General Information tab and select Restore Folder.
    Select OK.

    How do I fix Thunderbird problems?

    Update Thunderbird. An outdated version of Thunderbird usually causes problems and Thunderbird can freeze on Windows 10.
    Try booting in safe mode. You can directly use Safe Mode to troubleshoot and factory reset.
    Disable add-ons.
    Reinstall Thunderbird.
    Check your email settings.

    Is Thunderbird still supported in 2020?

    As the types of add-ons supported in Thunderbird change with version 78, the current Thunderbird 68.x branch (supported until fall 2020) will be the last one that experts believe can be used with Enigmail. For Enigmail users, Thunderbird 78 may provide support for migrating existing secrets.goods and settings.