From the launch list, select Control Panel, and then just click Programs.
Under Programs and Features, select Turn Windows features on or off.
In each list of Windows features, expand Internet Information Services, and then expand World Wide Web Services.

From my Start Menu, select Control Panel, then click Programs.
Under “Programs, etc.” select “Turn appropriate Windows features on or off”.
In the Windows Components report, expand IIS and World Wide Web Services.


How do I access Internet information services?

On the Start Presentation screen, click Control Panel.
Click System and SecurityDangerous, then click Administration.
In our own Administrative Tools window, double-click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Advances in technology have prompted many IT users to use Windows Azure Sites to host both a production website and a test website because it is easy to test different environments without touching personal information. data. computers. However, if you prefer to do it on your desktop, you can sometimes use the Microsoft® Web Platform Installer (Web PI) to install IIS and other applications and extensions. For more information about Web the PI, see Learn and install Web the PI.

If the client manually installs IIS 7.0 or later, you can use this article as a guide.

Before We Start

Before continuing, make sure you have one of the builds of Windows Vista, or possibly Windows 7, that supports IIS 7 and later. Not all IIS features are protected in all editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Basic Home and Starter editions contain only limited basic IIS features. For a list of supported features for the version of Windows we are using, go to one of the following main points:

  • Role Services available in IIS 7.0 (Windows Vista)
  • Web Server (IIS) Role Services available in IIS 7 (Windows 5 7)
  • Also make sure you have certified user rights on the computer. By default, you don’t have admin rights if you’re logged in as any user other than the built-in administrator, even if your family has been added to the local Administrators group on the computer (this is a brand new security feature). appears in Windows Server® 2008 as Local User Administrator). Log in with the built-in administrator account, or explicitly issue prompts as the built-in administrator using the runas command-line tool.

    Note that you can run runas /user:administrator cmd.exe yourself, so any application you run generated by this command line will be higher, which eliminates notthe need to extract all the runas syntax from this direction string for use. You

    If you are signed in to a specific account that is not the following built-in administrator account, you may see the following security warning dialog.

    Install IIS 7 Or Later

    1. To open the Windows Essentials dialog box, click Start, then Control Panel.

      Figure 2. Windows Start Menu

    2. In the current control panel, click Programs.

      Figure 3. Main control page

    3. Enable or disable Windows features.


      View Control Panel Installation Options

    4. You may receive a Windows security warning. Click Allow to continue. The Windows Components dialog box appears.

      Figure 5. Windows security dialog

    5. To develop information services on the Internet. Additional categories of important IIS features are shown. Select “Internet Information” no-service” to select the default features to install.

      Figure Windows 6: Features Dialog – IIS

    6. Expand the various categories shown and select the detailed features you want to install, especially the web management tools.

      How to enable Internet Information Services IIS in Windows 10?

      For this reason, we were able to see how to enable IIS on Windows 10. How to install IIS on Windows 10. As mentioned earlier, this service is built into Windows but will be disabled if it becomes standard Oh. Therefore, we will definitely activate this service. In this case, open the control panel by typing control panel in the search bar.

      Fig. Figure 7. Windows Functions Dialog Box 18m Window – Selected IIS Function

    7. If you are using Assembly IIS for evaluation purposes, you can choose to install additional features. Check the boxes for all the IIS features you can install, then click OK to start the installation.

      Image alt=””> 8: Windows Components – Select Installation Dialog

    8. A progress bar will appear.

      Fig. 9. Progress: display

    9. Normally, when the installation is complete, the Windows Features dialog closes and the Control Panel opens.

      What is Internet Information Services Windows 7?

      Basically, IIS is made up of a number of product features that you can use to train your computer as a server. If you enable IIS on your Windows 7 PC, you can add support for standards such as the Internet as well as in addition to FTP server, ASP.Net, Classic ASP, CGI, and more.


      How do I know if I have IIS installed on Windows 7?

      To check if IIS is installed after completion, click Start> Control Panel> Administrative Tools. In the Administrative Tools folder, you should see the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager icon.

      Control panel home screen

    10. IIS now installs with the default configuration on Windows Vista or Windows 7. Please confirm that the installation of the component was successfulBut, enter the following URL directly in your browser: http://localhost .

      Figure 10. Default website

    11. You can then use IIS Manager to troubleshoot and configure IIS. To open IIS Manager, click the Start button, type inetmgr in the Search programs and files box, and then press Enter.

      Where do I find IIS on my computer?

      Log on to the web server computer as an administrator. Click on “Start”, select “Settings” and in this case click on “Control Panel”. Double-click Administrative Tools, then double-click Internet Services Manager.

      one year:

      figure Default website homepage

    If you want to use ASP, Microsoft® ASP.NET, or PHP, install the had modules to host these pages; This skill can be run while IIS is running or after installation is complete.

    Use Silent Install To Install IIS 7.0 And Later

    You can usually install IIS unattended on Windows Vista. For detailed instructions and software, see Use silent installation to install IIS 7.0 and later.

    Links For More Information

    How to install ASP.NET 1.1 with IIS7 and a Vista subscription, not to mention Windows 2008.

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    I seem to remember that it was in the Control Panel before Windows XP, but I can’t find it in Windows 7.

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    What is Internet Information Services Windows 7?

    IIS is essentially a set of software features that allow you to use your valuable computer as a server. When you update IIS on your Windows 7 PC, you can add support for standards such as Web Server and FTP Server, ASP.Net, Classic ASP, CGI, etc.

    How do I turn on Internet Information Services?

    On Windows, select Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off (left side of the screen).
    Select the Internet Services check box. Select OK.